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Good news: Deepfield Connect services continue with FoundersLane

We have good news for you as a Deepfield Connect customer. After being notified about the termination by Bosch.IO by Dec 31, 2020, we are now pleased to announce that we as FoundersLane GmbH, are the successor and will continue the services by Jan 01, 2021, onwards.All services will stay online and you do not need to change anything, we will organize a seamless transition. We will provide you the services on the same conditions as before, and we will work hard to improve the current products and hardware to give you the greatest benefit.

Your next step:

Please confirm in the form below that you want to continue with us and allow Bosch.IO to handover your account by 01.01.2021: » confirm account now
Apps stay online
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No obligations
Today you will just confirm us to keep your account running, the new contract and payment will be in January 2021 on same or better conditions & prices as before.
We are FoundersLane - and we are delighted to start with you together in January.
FoundersLane consists of serial entrepreneurs who are passionate about developing new products to drive sustainability in important industries. Being open and innovative, serving our customers to our best possibilities, and providing first-class support is our core focus, and we will prove this to you if you let us.FoundersLane is trusted by innovators:We will do everything to provide a good customer experience and improve the existing products and services in big steps.
Andreas von Oettingen
Managing Director
Frederik Bohn
Head of Agriculture
Frequently Asked Questions
We need your confirmation to transfer your account and all of your existing data into our system. It is not a binding contract and you are not obliged to any other steps except allowing the migration to the new system.
We will only take over accounts and all connected data if you give us the permission. If you do not confirm, your account and all existing data will be deleted on Jan 31, 2021, and you will not be able to use your services anymore. Further more you might be obliged to send the hardware back to Bosch.IO
All terms and conditions will remain the same for you. In the next year, we will work hard to improve the existing services, the apps, the sensors, and add new services to the portfolio
We are focusing on a running system first to guarantee the smooth-running operation of your services. Over the next weeks, we will approach you for all details (Service agreement between Deepfield Connect and you, services in your agreement, payment details, and a general update on how we plan to grow Deepfield Connect to an improved service).
FoundersLane and Bosch are working together on IoT projects in the agricultural space. Based on this partnership, the idea was born to use the expertise of FoundersLane to scale the Deepfield Connect business
In the past, we have seen the immense challenges agriculture is facing and the responsibilities the industry is and farmers are carrying. We are passionate about driving sustainability and want to do our part to solve the challenges. We believe, Deepfield Connect is greatly suited to address a few of the challenges in agriculture.
We’re happy to hear and answer all questions. You can contact us via deepfield@founderslane.com.
We are looking for advisors and would love to hear your feedback to get better. Also use deepfield@founderslane.com and will get back to you as soon as possible.